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Chaitanyo's Human Design readings

Human Design Readings

The Human Design System allows you to see how you are predisposed and wired to deal with life.
Your life experience is uniquely shaped by the way you are set up and knowing your design is immensely helpful in your quest for self-knowledge, personal growth and living a conscious life.
Human Design is also an excellent tool to explore and understand relationships, better than any other I know.
My readings are on a basic and very practical level. They are a very good way to get acquainted with Human Design.


To book a reading with me, you can visit www.humandesignsystem.com/readings.
I was one of the first people to get to know Human Design worldwide and have been actively engaged with it for more than two decades. I gave my first readings back in 1994 and became a teacher the same year. Being so intimately involved with it, I came to very much disagree with how the "official" Human Design evolved from the late nineties on. I think it has become a cult and I cannot recommend that you subject yourself to anything that emanates from the "official" corner, no matter how alluring it sounds. The only sane form of Human Design is offered and taught by Zen Human Design. I own Zen Human Design since April 2017.
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